Monday, September 2, 2019

Elementary Best Book Club

Chapter Best Book Club 

What is best book club?

Best Books is a program developed each year by the Librarians throughout the Edmonds School District.  This year the books are from the WA Sasquatch Award and the Edmonds SD Windows and Mirrors List.   There are 20 books, of varied genre, targeted towards students in grades 4-6 but all EHK-12 students may participate.

The librarians develop activities, and produce a district-wide "Battle of the Books"  competition.  Students are challenged to read as many of the best books as possible during the year.  The program ends in May.  A list of the current best books is listed below.

How do you earn medals?

All students who read at least two books will earn a participation medal.
Students who read 10 books receive a Bronze Medal.
Students who read 15 books receive a Silver Medal.
Students who read 20 books receive a Gold Medal.

Be sure to let Marianne know you have read books if you want to earn medals :-)..

When does the best book club meet?

Students do not need to attend meetings to participate.  We will meet every other week on Wednesday and Thursdays from Noon - 12:30 p.m. in the Engineering Lab on the following dates:
Oct. 2, 3
Oct. 16, 17
Oct. 30, 31
Nov. 13, 14
Dec. 11, 12
Jan. 22, 23
Feb. 5, 6
Feb. 19, 20
Mar. 4, 5
Mar. 18, 19
Apr. 2, 3 Ice Cream and Voting Party!!

What happens when a student completes a book?

Students can take an online quiz (links will be available and added to the library website in mid-October 2019 or they can come to the library, before school / during recess, for a short 3-4 question discussion/quiz (I'm just checking to see if they read the book).  Students can then put a sticker with the books picture on a bookmark and hang it in the library.

EHK-12 Battle of the Books will be held in May 2020 and all students who have read at least 2 books are welcome to join a team and participate.

What is the Best Book Club Voting and Ice Cream Party?

Students who read at least two books will be invited to a Best Book Club voting and ice cream party on April 2 or 3, 2019.  At the party they will receive recognition for reading the book and then vote for their favorite book on each of the lists.  They will decide at the party if they want to participate in the battle of the books.

What is the Battle of the Books?

EHK-12 Battle of the Books will be held in May 2020 and all students who have read at least two of the books are welcome to participate.  Students compete in teams answering questions about the books.

There is also a yearly, district-wide competition.  Each participating school sends two - 4 member teams to compete.  Teams are given several rounds of questions about the Best Books. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

How are teams formed?

Teams consist of up to 4 students.  Teams will be created at the Best Book Club Voting Party in April. The teams will compete in our school competition and then the top two teams will advance to the district competition.  The district competitors can only be from elementary grades.

How are EHK12 teams selected to compete at the district level?

There is a school competition held a few weeks prior to the district event.  The top two teams advance to the Edmonds School District competition.

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